Inspiration Through Art

Philadelphia Principal Encourages Kids to Believe in Themselves, Hopes to Inspire Them Through Art

Alphonso Evans, principal of Allen M. Stearne Elementary School in Frankford, is being honored with the annual Distinguished Principal Award from the Lindback Foundation, writes Wakisha Bailey for CBS News Philadelphia.

Evans is beloved among his students because he believes in them and also encourages them to believe in themselves. His goal is to use art to inspire them.

“There’s an African proverb that our students are diamonds in the rough, and when you dust them off you will truly see them shine,” said Evans.

The principal, who is one of seven winners, will receive $20,000 to complete a school project as part of the award. He plans to use the money to transform one of the classrooms into a state-of-the-art media center.

“We have to give our children opportunities that other communities have,” said Evans. “If we have all these children that want to be in the arts and entertainment and want to take the opportunity to sing, and to write, we want to have something on campus or onsite for them to do it right here.”